Powers' Needle explores patriotism and the responsibilities of Freedom...especially in a post-September 11th world.

Originally conceived prior to the terrorist attacks in New York, Powers' Needle was underway as a feature back in 2000. Independent financing was procured and lost in the stock market bubble and the project reemerged as a short.

Kleiman partnered with filmmakers Tad Davis and Keith Robinson for his key creative team. "That's what was so great working on this project. The three of us are good friends and have been looking to collaborate on something for a long time," says co-producer Davis.

Kleiman wrote Powers' Needle around specific actors he'd worked with in New York. When the feature became a short that would be shot entirely in California, it didn't make budgetary sense to fly everyone out. "The ensemble we found in Los Angeles turned out to be a pleasant surprise," comments Kleiman. "The cast really made the material their own."

The film is shot on various Super 16mm color and black & white film stocks. Director of photography Robinson renders the three realities of the film in distinct visual styles. "This was a real challenge, separating Matt's mundane daily life from his dream world from the ghost-like Forties-era visions." Kleiman adds, "Creativity overcame budgetary constraints."


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